My P2P investments as of 2 June 2019 are listed below:

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How it all started

My initial investment (made 20 January 2019) totalled £9,000; split across six different P2P lending platforms:

I made sure that each investment was sufficient to take advantage of the cashback offers available at the time. Provided the platforms experience no issues, I will receive £530 cashback (5.9% of my investment) which partially offsets the associated investment risk and provides an excellent opportunity to earn boosted first year returns.

I have curated a full list of current P2P cashback offers – if you are going to invest, it is definitely worth taking advantage. Generally, most providers will credit this cashback to your account after a period of one year, though some offer earlier payment terms (e.g. Kuflink terms state that cashback is paid within 21 working days).

The chart below illustrates how my P2P investment portfolio has fared.

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Monthly investment updates

The monthly changes to my P2P investment portfolio are listed below:

January 2019

New investments – all made late January:

Total investment value = £9,000

February 2019:

Cashback received and re-invested:

New investments made:

Investment growth in month = £27.07 (excludes accrued interest)
Total investment value = £10,768.07

March 2019:

New investments made:


  • RateSetter – £500 (Cashback offer only required £1000 balance, so I decided that my excess funds better deployed elsewhere)

Investment growth in month = £32.70
Total investment value = £11,500.77

April 2019:

New investments made:

  • Assetz Capital – £3,500 (£100 cashback expected from IFISA offer, plus further cashback totaling 2.0% of funds invested i.e. £70)

Investment growth in month = £65.50 (Checked balances on 11 May therefore this incorporates over a month of growth)
Total investment value = £15,066.27

May 2019:

New investments made:

  • Kuflink – £2108.85 (ISA transfer from prior year, no cashback offer utilised)


  • Mintos – £204.00 – Whilst I have nothing against the Mintos platform, I decided to focus my investments within UK FCA regulated platforms only.

Investment growth in month = £35.34 (Less than a month due to mid-month prior comparative)
Cashback in month = £10.05 (Received from Assetz Capital)
Total investment value = £16,926.51