By investing in P2P platforms when strong cashback offers are available, you increase your chances of generating significant positive returns in the first year of account opening.

It’s often the case that the best P2P cashback deals will be available with platforms which are relatively new in the market. This is because cashback deals can be an effective use of marketing budget to increase the level of funds a platform has under management. More established platforms often have a less pressing need to source new funds and thus offer lower initial sign-up deals.

The most generous P2P cashback deal in the UK market right now is from Growth Street who are offering £200 cashback for an initial £2,000 investment (10.0% return). Both the RateSetter (£100 cashback for a £1,000 investment) and Kuflink (£50 cashback for a £500 investment) deals are offered at the same percentage rate, though on lower initial investments.

See the table below for a full list of current P2P cashback offers:

PlatformMin. investment (£)Cashback (£)Cashback (as % of min. investment)Sign-up link
Kuflink5005010.0%Referral link
Growth Street2,00020010.0%Referral link
RateSetter1,00010010.0%Referral link
Assetz Capital1,000505.0%Referral link
Lending Works1,000505.0%Referral link
Funding Circle2,00050* (Amazon Giftcard)2.5%Referral link
Property Partner2,000301.5%Referral link
Landbay5,000501.0%Referral link
Mintos€500€102.0%Referral link

Cashback deals for other investment types are listed below:

PlatformMin. investment (£)Cashback (£)Cashback (as % of min. investment)Sign-up link
Brick Lane (REIT)5,0001252.5%Referral link